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Do you accept wholesale orders?

Tree Climber Creations does accept wholesale orders. Bulk and wholesale pricing is available on many items, please email, or fill out the contact form for details

If you are a resale establishment please send an email to customerservice@treeclimbercreations with the appropriate paperwork so that we can get you set up as a resale wholesale customer..

How do I care for my cutting board?

Make sure to follow the care instructions included in your package. If you have misplaced your care instructions please read this blog post.

Why does my order not look exactly like the picture?

Wood is very much a living material. As with all wood products, some variation in color and appearance is to be expected. If you have any questions about the order you received please do not hesitate to email us!

Picnic Tables and Outdoor Furniture
1. What are your outdoor tables made of?

We make all of our outdoor tables using pressure treated wood, zinc coated bolts, and weather resistant coated screws.

2. I live by the coast, will your table do well here with the wind and salt air?

Yes it will, we make our tables to withstand everything Texas can dish out.

3. I prefer stainless steel bolts can I get my table with stainless steel instead of zinc coated?

Of course, we do add an additional charge based on the size of the table. Simply email us with your order and we will change out the hardware and add the additional charge to your invoice.

4. I'm concerned about the chemicals in pressure treated wood what can I do?

The process of pressure treating wood is much safer than it used to be. Regulations have changed the chemicals used, however we understand that sometimes situations are as such that pressure treated will not work for your needs. There are multiple options in this case. First, we can do pressure treated for all ground contact wood and untreated for the table top. Secondly we can simply change out to completely untreated wood and then it can be stained, or painted. Please email us to discuss your options.

5. I want a picnic table but it's going inside.

If the table is going to be inside we will use untreated wood and then it can be stained or painted. Please email us to let us know this is the case.

6. Can I paint or stain my pressure treated table?

Our recommendation is to wait 3-6 months to allow the wood to settle and cure. Once that is done you can then stain or paint it.

7. What kind of maintenance and upkeep do I need to do to make sure my table will last a long time?

Our recommendation is to wait approximately 3-6 months to allow to wood time to settle and cure, at this time apply a coat of weather sealer. After that reapply weather sealer at least once per year. Picking a specific date like the first of Spring really helps you remember to get it done.

8. How long will my pressure treated wood table last?

If proper care and maintenance is done to your table it should last up to 30 years.

9. I want to order multiple tables for my restaurant or business, do you give a discount?

Yes, we love working with other local businesses and we give a discount on all bulk orders. Please contact us so that we can send you an invoice with your special price. We do require a minimum of 50% deposit on all bulk or custom orders.

10. I live in ____ do you deliver here?

We currently deliver all over the Greater Houston area including Galveston and outlying areas. Our delivery charge is based on how far you are but our prices are very reasonable. If you are outside the Greater Houston area please contact us before placing your order to make sure we can accommodate your location. We are willing to travel further for an additional delivery fee.

11. I received my table and it looks a little green, is it supposed to?

Yes, that is from the process of pressure treating. The color will fade as it sits in the sun and the wood cures.

12. I would like to see a table in person before I place and order, can I do that?

Of course, we love to have visitors at the shop. We don't always have every style in stock but you can see what we do have and we can possibly build what you want to look at if you give us enough notice. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

13. My table is cracking! Why is that?

 You will probably see some cracking, or what is called wood checking in your table over the first couple of weeks when you receive your table. This is common, normal, and is not considered a defect in the product. This is due to moisture levels changing in the table and happens in many outdoor wood items, including fencing, patios, etc. This does not constitute a repair need. 

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