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Care and Considerations

When investing in a commercial grade picnic table, there are some things you need to know about. 

1. They are very easy to care for and should last for 30+ years with a little care and maintaining.

2. When you first receive your table, it will look a little green. This is from the treating process and will fade within a few months. This time typically depends on how much direct sunlight your table is receiving. 

3. After the green fades, this is when it's time to use a weather sealant on your table. After this first application, you can switch to once per year. This step is not required, however it will keep your table looking nicer, longer.

4. You will probably see some cracking, or what is called wood checking in your table over the first couple of weeks when you receive your table. This is common, normal, and is not considered a defect in the product. This is due to moisture levels changing in the table and happens in many outdoor wood items, including fencing, patios, etc. This does not constitute a repair need. 

5. Since our picnic tables are custom ordered, we do not accept returns on our picnic tables unless it is a manufacturing defect and then we will attempt repair first. If a repair is not able to be made, we will replace or return the item at our discretion. 

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