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When one door closes and a bigger one opens.

When one door closes and a bigger one opens.

Posted by April Tillery on Feb 6th 2018

Some of you by now know that we are no longer able to work out of our home office/ shop. For those of you that do not know what happened yet. We, along with others in our neighborhood, and the people that we rent from, thought any deed restrictions had been expired for decades. Well, apparently they were not or something and we got a letter from the city informing us that all commercial activity at our home had to cease within 15 days. Of course the letter was from about 12 days before we received it so we didn't have much time to completely close down operations. We took all of our scrap wood to the recycling center which was fun in the mud. We got stuck on the first trip and on the second our trailer tire blew. Needless to say for those three days I was frantic. We got it all cleaned and all of our tools and equipment in storage and then set out to figure out where to run our business from. We had already been looking for a new shop since we are starting to outgrow our current space anyway but had not really had luck in finding anything. Most shops or even warehouses in Houston don't really want woodworkers in them and the ones that are okay with it can charge more than we wanted to pay. I asked the community for suggestions on where we could go. I got so many calls, emails, text messages, and well wishes! We looked into everything possible and the best option seemed to be a place called TXTR labs. We had heard of them before and they are actually only 4 miles away from us but for some reason had not seriously looked at them until now. 

If you do not know what TXRX labs is it's a "non-profit hackerspace for the greater Houston area. Housed in the East End District, we offer courses in and access to our rapid prototyping lab, woodshop, machineshop, electronics lab, and a wide variety of other tools. Our goal is to educate the public about technology and show how seemingly complex techniques can be used by anyone."

I'm super excited that our shop is now housed within TXTX labs space. We will have access to both our own tools as well as other tools that we had been wanting to get but didn't have the space for yet. I'm also looking forward to connecting more with the community through this new to us venue. Particularly exciting is that we will now be able to offer laser engraving/ cutting without having to take it to a completely different company! 

It's been a crazy couple of weeks but I know that this is going to be an amazing step for both our family and Tree Climber Creations. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting news to come! Make sure you are following us on Facebook to keep up with what events and markets we will be at. 

Here's to closing one door and opening an even bigger one! 

Keep Climbing,


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