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Time to Get Outside!

Time to Get Outside!

Posted by April Tillery on Feb 20th 2018

I'm so excited that the weather is starting to warm up a bit. Even if we still have some chilly days spring is so close! I love spring here in TX and even though the summer is hot I love to spend time outside enjoying the beach, having cookouts, and just hanging with the family. There's just something special about spending time together outside in the fresh air and sunshine that really helps you to connect with each other.

I'm a big fan of eating meals together on a regular basis both with your family as a day to day thing and with friends. What is it about sharing a meal together that just opens up conversation and gets the laughter going? Sometimes it leads to arguments but even those arguments help us to learn more about each other and see ourselves and each other for who we really are. Who are we? We are all just people trying to connect with one another. That's it. We don't have to agree on everything or anything really to enjoy a great cookout together do we? Right now I'm looking at new grills because our old one got so much use that it's pretty much ready to retire. If you have any suggestions make sure and let me know! Burgers on the stove are just not the same as burgers on a grill outside with a nice cold drink and some friendly conversation.

My challenge to you as we head into the warmer months is to invite people over, accept invitations, and just get outside!

I know I will be spending a lot of time building and delivering picnic tables as March through August are our busiest season for picnic tables here in Houston. I'm going to take my own challenge though and take time to just talk to people, listen to what they have to say, and maybe grill a few burgers together. Make sure and let us know soon if you would like to order a picnic table so that you can get ready for summer early!

What can you do to get outside or spend time with your family, friends, and neighbors this spring and summer? 

Keep Climbing,


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