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Our First in Person Market

Our First in Person Market

Posted by April Tillery on Jan 17th 2018

So I finally made the leap and signed up for an in person market. I always love attending local markets but I've just never signed up to be a vendor at one. When I got an email from a friend asking if I was going to be a vendor at a market that was only 3 miles from my shop, I had to look into it. I'm so glad that I did because the location is perfect and all of the coordinators and other vendors are extremely nice and the venue is well kept. EADO Houston has been such a great neighborhood to us and I'm excited to be able to get even more connected and involved with this awesome community. 

Getting ready for the market was the hard part, there is so much to remember and get ready. We had to make a decision on what things to bring. Most of our furniture is custom order and so we printed out some pictures and make a little book for people to see. I'll probably try and make that prettier in the future. We did bring an assortment of cutting and serving boards, wooden combs, our geometric shelve sets, the snowy mountain cutouts and of course our newest addition the honeycomb cat home. Yes, I'm super proud of that name because seriously it's the cutest name ever and who doesn't love a cat climber that actually looks good in your home! 

It was a pretty cold day here in Houston so thanks to that and the marathon, the traffic at the market was light compared to the previous week. Honestly, I'm thankful that it gave me a chance to get used to the way a market works though. Being able to really talk to each person that stopped by the booth and get to know them and what they are looking for. The people of Houston are so amazing and any time you get to have one on one - face to face interaction with them it's great. 

Now that I actually took a chance and did an in person market I'm really glad that I did. Not sure why I didn't do one before but now there's no turning back. It's a lot different than selling online and honestly I loved it. It's so much different when you get to talk to people and they can see and touch everything in themselves. All the pretty pictures in the world can never fully make up for holding something in your hands. I'm looking forward to continuing to do even more markets as 2018 moves along. 

I hope to see you there soon! Here's a couple of pictures that I took getting ready and the day of. I probably should have taken many more pictures but I was having too much fun chatting with everyone. Hope to meet many more of you in the weeks to come! I'm not sure how this weekend will be with the weather but either this weekend or in the future, stop by our booth at The Blue Field Open Market to say hey! 

What are some of your favorite markets in the Houston area? I've got my eyes on a couple that I would like to apply to but I want to hear where you think we should go!

Stay warm out there and Keep Climbing! 

April Tillery

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