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Cutting Board Care

Cutting Board Care

Posted by April Tillery on Oct 12th 2017

*This blog post is a combination of excerpts from previous blog post from our old site and brings all of our best cutting board tips together in one place. Please comment below or email with any cutting board care questions.

Caring for Wood Surfaces

Food prep surfaces are very important to keep clean. Rinse and wipe of all food prep surfaces after every single use! Many everyday household items can be used to safely clean your wooden food prep surfaces. Baking soda and peroxide can help get rid of any stains. Vinegar can help with daily cleaning and sanitation. Another important step in caring for wooden food prep surfaces is monthly oiling with mineral oil. It's tempting to use olive oil or a similar kitchen oil you already have but try to use a good mineral oil instead. Olive, canola etc. can become rancid much easier and we don't want that on our food prep surfaces! Oiling keeps the wood from absorbing food juices and odors and can also protect from warping. To oil your board, simply poor oil and rub in with a clean rag. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes and most of the oil should be absorbed but if you feel like you need to, you can wipe off any excess at this point.

Monthly Maintenance Steps

  1. Make sure all surfaces are very clean. Remember wood is porous so DO NOT SOAK over a few minutes.
  2. Take a clean dry rag and wipe all excess water and then let air dry for a couple of hours at least. This part of the process can be done first thing in the morning so the surface has plenty of time to dry fully.
  3. Take a clean dry rag and make sure the surface is clear of any dust, dirt, or pet hair that happens to land on it while drying.
  4. Generously pour mineral oil and rub into all surfaces. (please do not use olive or vegetable oil as those can go rancid and remember wood is porous so the oil is actually seeping into the wood.)
  5. Allow to sit for a couple of hours and then wipe down with a clean dry rag.
  6. That's it, enjoy for another month knowing your boards are clean and in optimal condition,

This process can be used for all wood prep surfaces, including pizza paddles, wooden serving bowls, spoons, etc.
If you follow these steps as well as follow all care recommendations regularly, you will be able to use your boards and other items for a long time to come.

Do you remember monthly care on your wood surfaces, if not are you going to start now? What is your favorite piece of wooden food prep that you use?

5 Minutes to a Refreshed Cutting Board

If you are anything like me, life happens and gets in the way of good intentions. I have every intention of cleaning my cutting boards properly every time I use them, and making sure the monthly oiling is a priority. This does not always happen. Even though I really know better, I just don't always manage to care for my boards the way that I know I should.
As my children get older, they are starting to help more in the kitchen, and prep their own food. No matter how much I teach them about cleaning up after themselves, they are still kids and forget(just like I do occasionally.)
I found that I had skipped a month or two of oiling and the kids had been cutting up fruit and vegetables without wiping the board off after. The result was a dull board with stains on the surface. Not exactly pretty, and quite an embarrassment for someone making a living on selling wood decor and helping people learn to care for their items. 

Instead of panicking, or making a new board, I decided it was time to do a really good cleaning. As pictured above, I made a paste out of baking soda, salt, and water. I scrubbed that in really well and let it sit for a few minutes. After this I simply rinsed it off, dried the excess water off, and let it dry.
Once it was dry, I simply oiled the board as I would at the start of the month.

 That is it. Now I have my nice pretty, clean, and sanitary cutting board back in about the span of 5 minutes, just in time for dinner!

It's a really easy process and will help your cutting boards last for years to come!

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